Crazy Horse Custom Motorcycle Paint and Custom Built Choppers

Crazy Horse Painting has been featured on the cover of and in many motorcycle magazines over the years, including Easyriders, American Iron, Hot Bike, and others.The covers pictured below feature Crazy Horse Paint as the main feature on the cover.



Jan/Feb issue of Ironworks magazine "What Lies Beneath"

What Lies Beneath

It’s more than Raw Steel

By Marilyn Stemp

When you’ve been building motorcycles for over 30 years,
discarded and recycled parts tend to accumulate.
That explains the genesis of this bike,
“built from parts we had sitting around,”

American Iron Magazine April 2006 features Jim Bortles flamed chopper. Easyriders Sept 2004 2 Features American Iron July 2004

Jim Bortles Flamed Chopper

Easy Rider September 2004
American Iron July 2004
VTwin July 2004 VTwin April 2004 Easyriders March 2000  
VTwin July 2004
VTwiin April 2004 VTwin April 2004  
Biker Jan 2000 Easyriders- March 2002 (OverRun Pro-Street feature) VTwin magazine- July 2002 (Diane's Dresser feature)
Biker Jan 2000
Easyriders March 2002
Easyriders March 2002
Carolina HD's Blacked Out Dresser
Ironworks- July 2001 (Crazy Horse's sportster) Easyriders - September 2000
Ironworks Magazine July 2001
Easyriders-April 99( Stevie Ray Vaughan panhead) Easyriders-Nov 98 2 bikes in that issue Warrior Princess In the Wind Sept 1991
Easyriders Magazine April 1999 Easyriders Magazine Nov 98 In the Wind 1991
Biker July 98 ( Jungle Bike)    
Biker Magazine July 1998

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