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Custom Paint

How does the custom paint process work?

Answer - Its actually much easier than it seems. We work closely with our customers to bring their vision to life. We help you find the colors and the designs that will work together with your hot rod or motorcycle to create the most effective custom paint job for your ride. The paint colors and designs are worked out by phone calls and/or email. Then we usually do drawings of the artwork and then email back and forth with the customer, fine tuning the design until the customer approves it. Only then is the paintwork done.

But I don't live in the Charlotte, NC area? How can you still paint my bike or hot rod?

Answer - We have been shipping painted parts since 1992. We have even shipped parts overseas. Here's how it works. The parts to be painted are removed from the bike and any hardware, like gas caps are removed. The gas tank is aired out and each part is wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, packed in its own box, and shipped to our shop. Once the paint is done, pictures of the completed paint are emailed to the customer. ONLY once the photos of the finished are approved will the final clearcoat be done and the parts shipped back.

How much does it cost?

Answer - We work with you to come up the best possible paint design and paint job for your budget.Painting a single color with either flames or graphics on a motorcycle tank and two fenders, it averages $1700-2400. Cruisers and full dressers average higher, depending on the amount of parts, such as tour packs. Just email and tell us what about bike or hot rod, your ideas, and we'll work up a paint dsign for your bike or vehicle. Prices for airbrushing flames on cars and trucks start at $1500 but most can average $2000-4500, depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of flames that are painted on. We try to design the paint job with the customer's budget in mind.

"How does the hot rod painting process work?"

Answer- Crazy Horse Custom Paint has won top awards for our custom paint on hot rods. In fact the black Ford with real fire flames over on the right side of the page won one of PPG's 2006 Top 5 Most Outstanding Paint Awards. And our car paint has won other awards including 'Best Flames' at the Bike Bear Car Show in California and Best Flames at the Goodguys Show in Jacksonville, FL. For hot rod work, you can bring the car or truck to us or we can come to you no matter where you are. We have traveled to Texas, Las Vegas. and even Opileka, Alabama to flame cars. All the designs are worked out in advance. Using emails, JoAnn works up several designs and emails them to the customer. The customer looks them over, and the design is fine tuned until it is exactly what the customer wants. Then we come out to where ever the car or truck is, and do the work. We'll come to whatever shop is doing your paint and bodywork. We bring our airbrushes and tools and paint our custom flames or graphics. We enjoy working with other shops to get the job done right.

Will my custom paint be durable and last for years?

Answer- Yes. Properly done custom paint is far more durable than most people believe. If quality paint materials are used, along with the correctly done preparation and paint processes, custom paint is very, very durable and long lasting. So long lasting in fact, I occasionally get repeat customers years later, who want to change their paint scheme yet their old Crazy Horse Paint still shines and wears like new. And our overall paint process is guaranteed for 5 years against non impact related flaws.

But custom paint costs so much doesn't it?

Answer - Not necessarily. Here at Crazy Horse, we design the paint with the customer's budget in mind. Sometimes less is more and simple yet effective designs can make a big difference in the way a motorcycle looks. You don't have to go buck wild with your paint design. We use the best materials. We do not take shortcuts in our paint processes. The paint we do, is done right. At Crazy Horse, you get the best possible paint job for your hard earned dollars.


image of black tank with blue realistic flames
One of PPG's 2006 Top 5
image of bike with real looking flames
image of purple tank with skull with a baseball cap
image of black tank with check flames
image of purple hot rod with yellow flames

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